Due to its microfibril technology and a special two layered weaving structure, eliminates the disadvantage of limited use in protection masks. As does not contain any temporary solutions on its surface, it can be reused as many times as wanted, without the need of changing a valve like it is for any other over the counter masks.

Features Of , A Protection Mask Made Of Vegan Silk


German antibacterial technology * Vegan Certified
Natural antistatic yarn from Japan Climatic
Eco-certified İpeker Cupro Fabric Thermal effect (Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter)
Smooth and soft touch Silky Quality
High Biodegradation rate Natural Moisture Control
Sustainable life cycle Recycled Material






Easy Care

It is carefully designed for easy maintenance.


High Heat Resistance

It is resistant to tears and abrasion at high heat washing and ironing.


Machine Washable

Does not require dry cleaning. No detergent residue is seen after washing.


Fast Drying

Weaving structure allows fast drying after washing.





All masks will be considered as medical waste at the final phase of their life cycle. With a high biodegradation rate, Vegan Silk will result in 97.64% less nitrous oxide, 99.56% less carbon dioxide, and 51.7% less carbon monoxide emission at the phase of destruction compared to products like Polyester, Polyamide, Wool and Silk.




İpeker Tech is a brand of İpeker at the area of sustainable technical textile solutions. İpeker is dedicated to finding solutions with the various technical applications of the recycled cupro yarn in different industries such as medical, electronics, defence, and agriculture. Having an expertise in textiles since 1865, İpeker operates in the new generation textile district since 2016 under the name İpeker Tech.





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